Time to Put Solar Panels on Your Roof

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Investing in solar technology has never been easier and more profitable. Consider the benefits of clean energy from renewable resources.

The company

We offer reliable renewable energy and solar power technologies to residential and commercial customers throughout Ontario. Committed to the highest quality of customer service and with the expertise needed, we make it possible to get your property on solar energy today.

MicroFIT Program

Created by the Ontario government in 2009, the microFIT program can provide a homeowner with the opportunity to make a small income off their solar energy technologies. Install a small renewable electricity generation project on your property and get paid for the electricity you bring to the province's electricity grid.

Net Metering Program

Get credit towards your energy costs. Watch your electricity bill plummet. Available to any Ontario customer, this program is a means of taking the energy generated from property-specific solar technology and contributing that to the provincial electrical grid.